“The experienced and talented instructors at Dorian School of Music provide the opportunity for any student, young or old, to become great musicians.”

Gary Keates

“Tim, thanks for all you are doing for the kids. WOW, the caliber of Dorian’s students. We are glad to be part of Dorian.”

The Paulettes

“Our youngest has been going to Dorian for 2 years, and loves it! He has learned so much and has enjoyed going that his older brother decided to try it as well. This is one activity that I don’t have to force them out the door. Each week they learn something new, and are excited to come home and practice what they have been taught. The instructor (Jeff), makes the learning fun, and exciting by teaching the kids songs that they know and listen to. Bringing the kids to Dorian has been a great experience, and the whole staff has provided a fun and comfortable experience for not only the kids, but the parents as well. It is enjoyable to see what our kids are learning, and watching them put it all together at the year-end show is fantastic!!! I would recommend, and usually do recommend Dorian School of Music to any one who is looking to learn any type of music skills!”

Sean Mcevoy

“Dorian is an excellent school and I have really enjoyed my lessons there. They make it fun and easy to learn and I always feel motivated. They even have exciting concerts at the end of the year for the students to participate in. Thanks so much!”

Sheila Armstrong