Kingston Piano Lessons

Traditional style piano: Li Xu

Learning to play piano is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable things you could ever choose to do and Dorian’s senior instructor Li Xu and will show you just how true that statement is. Piano lessons are generally 30 minutes in length once a week and cover all of the topics necessary to turn you into the pianist you’ve always wanted to be. Li is able to teach all styles of music so whether you are into Bach, Oscar Peterson, or Elton John, she can help you. If you’d like to achieve your Royal Conservatory of Music accreditation, you have come to the right place!

Traditional style piano: Keith Whiteduck

Instructor Keith Whiteduck also teaches traditional style piano at Dorian and is fluent in jazz, country, blues, classical and rock and roll. Keith believes that, “It is never too late and with determination, focus and inspiration your goals can be reached.”

Traditional style piano: Kyle Mullen

Dorian is pleased to have Kyle Mullen also teaching traditional style piano. Kyle is able to teach many different styles and his easy going manner puts his students at ease right away. He is also familiar with RCM curriculum if you are preparing for exams.

Traditional style piano: Laura Macleod

As piano has become a very popular instrument at Dorian, we have added a fourth piano instructor, Laura Macleod, to our faculty. Laura is also able to teach RCM curriculum and while she is comfortable teaching all ages, she specializes in younger students.

The Singing Pianist: Li Xu

In this program, students spend 1 hour a week learning to combine their vocal skills with their piano skills so they can play and sing at the same time. This has been one of Dorian’s most popular programs for the past several years and we have been very pleased with the results it has produced. It is suitable for ages 7 and up.