Kingston Guitar Lessons

Fingerstyle guitar: Corey Murray

Dorian is pleased to have Corey Murray, a very well accomplished fingerstyle guitarist join our faculty. Fingerstyle guitar is growing in popularity more and more all the time and if you’ve ever watched someone who is skilled in this respect, it’s easy to see why. Learn techniques such as Travis picking, alternating bass lines, strumming without a pick and many more. Corey can also teach you how to play harmonica to accompany your guitar playing. A wise fingerstyle guitarist once said, “Why would you use a pick when you have 5 of them attached to your hand?”

Shred guitar: Stephen Helmer

If you’ve ever watched a guitarist like Steve Vai or Joe Satriani ripping up the fretboard, I’m sure you can appreciate the skill that is necessary for this style. Instructor Stephen Helmer takes his students on a journey through sweeping arpeggios and legato techniques that will open the door to a whole new way of playing. While you don’t need to be extremely advanced to try your hand at this, it is not recommended for beginners. Stephen believes strongly in music theory and mixes in just the right amount with his instruction in technique. Want to shred? Better get practicing!

Rock, blues, country and folk guitar: Jeff Creamer

For those looking for guitar instruction that is not quite as specialized, this is definitely the way to go. Instructor Jeff Creamer (AKA “The RockMeister”) has developed a method of teaching that is effective with all ages and allows students to learn at their own pace. Whether you’re looking to strum around the campfire or join a band and play a few gigs, this method will take you where you want to go. Jeff believes that if you are having fun in your lessons, you will have success. He also believes that everyone should own 100 guitars. It’s pretty hard to argue with either one of those points!

Classical guitar: Kyle Mullen

There are few sounds in the world as beautiful and soothing as those made by the classical guitar and while learning to play this style requires a lot of hard work and practice, it is also extremely fun! It is also recommended for those who play metal or shred style guitar as the techniques used tend to be very similar. Instructor Kyle Mullen has a vast knowledge of the classical guitar and will teach you the advantages of using proper technique and posture. With just the right mix of technique, theory and repertoire, Kyle will have you playing Bach before you know it.