Dorian Policies


Cancellation Policy:

Dorian School of Music has a no cancellation policy. This means that once a time slot is booked with an instructor, the student will be billed for that time slot even if the student does not come to his or her lesson. In the event that the instructor cancels a lesson an attempt will be made to provide a substitute. If this is not possible or if the student does not wish to have a substitute, a make up lesson with the regular instructor will be scheduled for a time that is mutually agreed upon by both the instructor and the student. When make up lessons are not possible credits will be given to be applied to future payments.

Withdrawal From Lessons:

Two weeks paid notice is required to withdraw from lessons at Dorian. If for any reason the student needs to withdraw immediately, the student will be billed for two additional lessons.


In order to book lessons with any of our instructors, a full month’s payment is required in advance. Payments are due on the first day of the month.

Inclement Weather:

In the case of bad weather, the school administrator will decide whether or not the school should be closed for the day and it is the responsibility of the student to check for lesson cancellations. This decision will be made by 1 pm on the day that the bad weather is occuring. When possible, make up lessons will be scheduled in lieu of these cancellations. Where make up lessons are not possible, the student will receive a credit which can be applied to future payments.


It is the responsibility of the students to be on time for lessons. If the student is late, the lesson will not go later than scheduled to make up for the time as this causes all lessons afterwards to start late as well. If the situation arises where an instructor is late, either the time will be made up at a later date or a credit will be given to the student for the lost lesson time.

Unattended children:

Parents who do not stay at the school while their children are in a lesson are asked to please come back to pick them up at least 5 minutes before the lesson ends. Instructors are not responsible to watch the children after the lesson is over.

Progress Reports:

All Dorian instructors will maintain communication with parents in regards to their child’s progress. Parents are encouraged to ask any questions they might have and should be involved in the learning process as much as possible. Ensuring that your child gets enough practice time is one of the biggest keys to success.